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WhatsApp will have a new feature, messages will disappear automatically

Technology Desk: WhatsApp Disappearing Messages Feature: With the help of the new feature of WhatsApp, the messages will disappear automatically. Learn in detail about this new feature. WhatsApp Disappearing Messages Feature: Instant messaging app of Facebook keeps working on giving new features to WhatsApp users. WhatsApp is now testing a new feature, with the help… Read More »

WhatsApp Status to start showing ads in 2020: Here is why

The instant messaging platform WhatsApp has confirmed that it will finally bring ads to the Status feature, starting next year. Currently, WhatsApp is a totally ad-free mobile messaging platform, something which would change next year. The launch date for WhatsApp Status ads was cofirmed at a Facebook Marketing Summit in the Netherlands. “WhatsApp will bring… Read More »

Chat on whatsapp without showing your number

Chat on whatsapp without showing your number If you send a message to WhatsApp, you will see your number. Even if we do not want to show it, it is known to our number. If you are having trouble and do not want to show the number to the message you are receiving, then it… Read More »